There are three main ways of service providing: Remote, Agency, and Freelance. Check what suits your business, and do a request.



A Flexible Mind With Many Possibilities

An innovative solution made to measures, is what consistently should be improved trough the three aspects of the golden triangle.

Brand Strategy

Defines what a brand stands for, and includes the chances of success.

Corporate Identity

Shows the look and feel of a brand, to attract leads and clients.


Brings your target audience in touch with your brand via multiple media.


A flexible (and covid free) way of working, to get more input on the branding and marketing side of your business by a professional specialist from Amsterdam. Do a request to check if I am available, and find out if there is a match.


An in-house professional branding and marketing specialist from Amsterdam that can help your business and your employees strive. Request to check if I am available to set a meeting and open up more possibilities for your company.


Do you need a professional designer and marketer for one or multiple projects such as a website, a logo, printed media, SEO, and advertising. Book a consult to see what can be done.
I am also available for brand strategy and coaching sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t in there, feel free to fill in the contact form on the bottom of this page.

What are your strenghts as a professional?

When I design, or work on a marketing project I have an overview of the entire project. I am confident of my skills and thus not scared to take the lead. I am always improving my golden triangle: design, business, and psychology skillset. Something like mastering in this field doesn’t excist, but if it did, you can call me a master.

What are your personal strengths?

Some designers and marketeers look like robots when they work. Well, I am not like that, I know the business psycholigy behind all the work that I do. I know how to turn a psychological issue into something valuable trough branding and marketing. I am the specialist with extensive knowledge in business psychology, not one of the robots.

What kind of businesses do you prefer to work for?

Decorating is not my thing, I am here to bring value to a company, not to decorate. Impactful designs and marketing projects for big industry businesses is what I am all about. From secondary to the tertiary industry sectors, which include for example: the manufacturing industry, entertainment industry, and the hospitality industry.

What makes you better than other specialists?

If you want to make the client the king, you have to be honest, even if honesty can be quite harsh. In a project it is all about the final results that can be measured. I will do anything to stay strong to not work like a robot, and to finish projects with a stable overview all the time. I am able to take the lead, and if not, I will always be prepared to do so.

What kind of freelance jobs do you take on?

The freelance jobs that I take on are mainly focused on business to client businesses in the tertiary industry sector. This can be a website for a hotel, an entire corporate identity for a car dealership, or just a logo for a mobile application. If you are interested in hiring me as a freelancer, please click here to book a consult.

What kind of coaching do you do?

Mainly I coach business owners to find back their brand identity. I also teach them how to put their businesses out there, in the online world. Trough lectures, years of expierence, and self study I have learned about business psychology. If you are interested in hiring me as a coach, please click here to book your first coaching session. 

Satisfied Customers

“Mauro Smid has a clear progress in tackling brand identity issues. The identity is more appealing to my audience and the CTR has steadily been improving ever since.”

Erik van Hurck

Consultant, Microsoft

“Through a proper research Mauro Smid has found the right solution for the business. The improved visual identity strikes the target audience like never before.”

Anne Jansen

CEO, Fictional

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