Motivation of a never ending journey of growth is the fingerprint of my professional evolution in this limitless creative field.


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Mauro Smid

Hello, I am Mauro Smid, a graphic designer and marketer from Amsterdam. Creative and innovative solutions inspire me to solve bigger and bigger problems every time. Creating a valuable identity with a strong character is what I am all about.


University of West London
Communication Design
Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

University of West London has a remarkable reputation for high quality education. The Bachelor has helped me to build a bridge from my study to the professional life.


Mauro Smid
Business Launch

During my first year of studying, I found my way to start my own business. This has thought me to better understand other businesses and business psychology. 


United POP
Communication Design
Diploma of Higher Education
Foundation Degree

United POP is a private academy, recognized in politics and business. It has an excellent reputation, and is up to date considering the latest market demands.


Luzac Lyceum Amsterdam

My final year of highschool was at Luzac Lyceum Amsterdam, a private highschool with a highly regarded status.


Het Amsterdams Lyceum

Het Amsterdams Lyceum is a high quality highschool, located in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid. I’ve completed the N&G Profile, with informatics as additional subject.

Future Goals

UvA / VU
Online Marketing
Master of Business Administration

I am planning to do the master of business administration – online marketing at the Universiteit van Amsterdam, or the Vrije Universiteit. I want to further improve my marketing skillset, and work together with some great names during this period.

Future Goals

Creative Director
Marketing Manager

During, and or after my study I want to start an internship at a business that suits my future goals. After that I will work my way up, and aim for the position as a creative director, marketing manager, or a combination of both.

Unlimited Road of Success

Both branding, and marketing should constantly be improved for businesses to keep them striving or to bring them to the top. It is just like any professional in this field, that needs to stay updated, considering the latest trends. Keeping yourself updated is like continuously solving problems, which is exactly what we as humans do in our daily lives to be happy. Without problems there is no joy. And that is what keeps me as a professional motivated to keep on solving problems, to keep on going for the best results, to keep on improving, without a final destination.

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Amsterdam, Oud-Zuid

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