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I am a young and innovative designer, strategist and marketer from Amsterdam. My focus lies on growing businesses with design thinking.



Building Successful Brands Since 2016

The golden triangle is what I call it, a combination of: brand strategy, corporate identity and marketing. All the elements that a business needs to make an optimal impression on her target audience.

Brand Strategy

Defines what a brand stands for, and includes the chances of success.

Corporate Identity

Shows the look and feel of a brand, to attract leads and clients.


Brings your target audience in touch with your brand via multiple media.

Making an Impact on your Target Audience

Firstly marketing research needs to be done to map out a target audience to see what oppurtunities companies miss out on. Realigning or starting with a solid foundation is key to every business’s identity, to become successful. Read more to get a glance at the client work.

Promising Results 4 Years In a Row 

Every business needs to stay alert all the time, because if they don’t pay attention there is a big chance their market position will be stolen. Markets are evolving rapidly these days and are more competitive than ever. New startups with a solid strategy can become big whales overnight, and they attack when the biggest whales haven’t been innovating. Keeping brand strategies up to date and starting with a solid foundation is key to modern success. When the visual and marketing execution are in line with the sublime quality of the brand strategy, the business is destined to get great results.



Estimated Average Return on Investment


Estimated Average Annual Return on Investment

The Concept

The word design can be interpreted in many ways, but the only word these definitions have in common is improvement. Improving business trough branding and marketing via psychological research can and should always be improved to keep businesses striving.

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A Leader In The Industry

A fresh mind with an innovative vision for continuous improvement that helps a brought range of industries trough branding and marketing.

  • 6 years experience in the industry
  • High quality education background
  • Connections with big names
  • Valuable mind with coaching history

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Satisfied Customers

“Mauro has a clear progress in tackling brand identity issues. The identity is more appealing to my audience and the CTR has steadily been improving ever since.”

Erik van Hurck

Consultant, Microsoft

“Through a proper research Mauro Smid has found the right solution for the business. The improved visual identity strikes the target audience like never before.”

Anne Jansen

CEO, Fictional


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